U.S. Launches Farsi Twitter Feed to support Iranians

Found the title of the post Funny? Me too.

The U.S. State Department launched a Farsi Twitter feed on Sunday to reach out to Internet-savvy Iranians, reports CNN.

And even funnier is its first tweet, which reads: "US State Dept recognizes historic role of social media among Iranians. We want to join in your conversations."

It’s still to be seen how Iranians return the sentiment.

Coming back to the Farsi Twitter feed. The launch appears to be an attempt from US, to encourage Egypt like protests in the Islamic republic.

The move comes as Iranian activists attempted to arrange a protest expressing solidarity with the uprising in Egypt. While publicly paying homage to the ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, Iranian officials have moved to suppress dissent in their own country by arresting activists after opposition leaders called for protests on Monday.

Pointing to the above dichotomy, the second tweet from the newly launched Farsi feed reads:

"Iran has shown that the activities it praised Egyptians for it sees as illegal, illegitimate for its own people.”

The third tweet is like an icing on the cake, which reads: Iran should allow Iranians the right to protest.

Following on the heels of an Arabic-language Twitter launched by the State Department last week, the launch begs just one question: Why so much interest in Iran and the Arab world? --------

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