What is the First Hashtag ever tweeted on Twitter?

Amidst #jan25 and #egypt mobilizing a revolution in the African nation and updating the world about it, have you ever wondered what was the first hashtag ever tweeted on twitter?

According to social technology innovator Chris Messina, it was the: #barcamp.

Used in August of 2007, the #barcamp hashtag was intended to bundle conversation about the global technology non-conference gatherings called Barcamp that Mr. Messina helped found as well, reports RWW.

About hash tags:

Hash tags, the words that are prefixed by # sign, is a way by which people on twitter self-organize online content about topics of their interest. Hash tags have come a long way, since the first hash tag was tweeted, are used for many purposes by the twitter users—ranging from stacking a serious or fun conversation between a group of twitter users at one place, with encouraging the world to take part; to used by brands to create a buzz about their new launches. Even police are using it to investigate crimes by sourcing information from aware citizens on twitter. Just clicking on those terms, or anything with a # sign before it, on Twitter and a user be brought to a search page filled with all the messages using that tag.

Notably, Twitter founder Evan Williams, who stepped down as Twitter CEO in late November, once told Messina that hashtags will find it tough to become popular with ordinary twitter users, and that Twitter would use machine learning to group Tweets together automatically by topic instead.

But, Hashtags have proved him wrong, Twitter made the use of hashtags remarkably popular, which prior to their twitter popularity found inaudible mentions in IRC, which was part of Messina's inspiration.

The extent of Hashtag popularity can be assessed by the fact that, “Audi will bring a hashtag to the Superbowl for the first time” is major news this week.

Hash tags have come a long way. --------

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