Zukerberg Happy with Facebook phones offered by Others

Such is the desire of the world to see a Facebook phone, officially made by Facebook, that for months, the rumors of a Facebook-branded phone have persisted. And although a few phones specially made for Facebook have started rolling out, like the INQ’s just unveiled Cloud Q and Cloud Touch, both phones that are as close to a Facebook-branded phone as anything, the desire of a Facebook phone from the Facebook stable is still not willing to subside.

Facebook itself has reiterated time and again that they expect phones and other devices to have deeper levels of social integration than ever before, but they are planning to do so. In short, the company is content with others rolling out devices with Facebook integration.

So, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was again questioned at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he represented the same position the company has maintained for months.

"A lot has been made about a single Facebook phone," said Zuckerberg, according to several reports. "But this year, you can expect do see dozens of phones with much deeper social integration than we have so far".

Notably, Facebook has stressed the point that they don’t have the resources to go for a Facebook branded phone at present. And the SN is happy with the extent of integration others are providing in their new Facebook phones. For instance, INQ use Facebook's own engine at the heart of the phone, so when Facebook do roll out new features, their code will update without the user having to do anything.

Check out these videos of the just unveiled INQ Cloud Q and Cloud Touch:


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