7 in 10 iPad2 buyers are buying Apple tablet for the first time

One of the strongest pitches of new Apple device launches is the stress on out of the world user experience the device provides. And there is a reason the company stresses on that – as most Apple products rolled out so far have a vast untapped markets, where Apple products are literally unheard of.

According to a new survey most of the people mobbing Apple stores to buy Apple’s iPad 2 this weekend did not own the earlier version of Apple’s tablet computer OR are the First Timers.

Seventy percent of the 236 iPad 2 buyer surveyed in New York and Minneapolis have never owned an iPad before. By contrast, 23% of iPhone 4 buyers surveyed at the handset’s launch had never owned one of Apple’s smart phones (as iphone’s have lost some of its novelty factor compared to iPad).


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