Amazon Cloud Drive launched -- Store 5 GB songs on web for Free to play anytime, anywhere

In a war, where every giant wants the web user listen to its tunes, Amazon got a leap ahead of Apple and Google with the launch of much waited for digital music locker service, Amazon Cloud Drive, that provides the users the ability to store their music on the Web and then listen to their song trove on computers with a Web browser (The Cloud Player for Web can run on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for Mac, or Chrome) or on Android devices (will use Cloud Player of Android, a new version of the Amazon MP3 app and includes the full Amazon MP3 Store and the mobile version of Cloud Player). Customers can use the app to play music stored locally on their device as well.

In short, Amazon Cloud Drive allows a user to listen to his/her collection of music anytime, anywhere.

Amazon Cloud Drive which supports --either AAC or MP3 formats—allows users to upload their digital music files at their original bit rate to Amazon servers for storage and playback on any PC, Mac, or Android device, where ever they are.

The Cloud Drive also allows customers to upload music, photos, videos, and documents, but those digital files are accessible only via a Web browser on a computer.

The moment a web user decides to use the service, he/she is provided with 5GB of free storage. This free storage is upgradeable to 20GB with the purchase of an Amazon MP3 album. Additional storage space can be purchased in plans beginning at $20 per 20GB per year. --------

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