Beware of "Who viewed your Profile" scam on Twitter

You may be a marketer, or just a common Joe, who is curious to no limit -- But no matter how desperately you want to know, “who has viewed your twitter profile”, please don’t click on any link on twitter, which claims to tell you, “See who as viewed your twitter profile”.

As taking advantage of the desire of people in general,Twitter spammers have once again rolled out, tweets like like “WOW! You can see WHO VISITS your TWITTER profile. That’s cool! :) –” and “I just viewed my TOP20 Profile STALKERS. I can’t believe my EX is still checking me every day”; that are spreading at a great pace -- about 159 tweets a minute.

Once a twitter user clicks on such a link, he/she is transported to an application page which ask for authorization. And once granted, uses the access granted to tweet out the same message to the twitter users’s followers.

Although right now, the application is not doing anything, apart from spreading it via the granted access, please be vigilant of such links.

Twitter recommends users: Don’t click on any links, and if you have already made a mistake, then immediately revoke the application’s access to your account by going to Settings > Connections > After revoking the said access, you are advised to change your twitter password, to make sure your account is secure, in case the application goes to farming user passwords.

To curb any desire to know who viewed your profile, be it Facebook or Twitter, please note that, both Facebook and Twitter, give such information at present. They will not be sharing this info in near future as well (as they have to earn money themselves, using the said metric). So don’t believe any links, apps, tweets, which promise you the same. --------

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