Bieber Scam hits Facebook

Scammers know that a sizable audience on web, loves Justin Bieber. That's why a Bieber trap is always rewarding.

That's why Facebook Users! Beware Of Bieber.

A link post started doing rounds on Facebook, which said:

"I can't believe a GIRL did this because of Justin Bieber."

Once clicked on, the link brings one to a fake page that says "Please Watch this video only if you are 16 years or older." If the user clicks further, then he/she automatically "like" the page. In addition, the fake post shows up on the person's Facebook profile as well.

And Then, the person is asked to do a survey.

Facebook users seem to have clicked on the post very enthusiastically, that's why the spam page has got 20,000 likes, in no time.

Though the scam has been stopped by now, it has again proved, Scammers rely on one or two tried and tested methods all the time. --------

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