Emoinstaller -- A tool to add hundreds of new emoticons to Facebook Chat

Remember the Facebook Chat program, named Chit Chat, whose interface simplicity is hailed by many, as closest to any official Facebook chat program, in case Facebook decides to make one.
The same people have created a new Facebook application, Emoinstaller.

Emoinstaller is a new tool for your web browser that adds hundreds of new emoticons to Facebook Chat. With this easy to use tool, Facebook users can select from several categories of emoticons and add them directly into their Facebook chat conversations.

Now while installing, Chit Chat or Emoinstaller, a Facebook user may encounter, some virus warnings arising out of their anti-virus. When we queried this with the makers, they said that the warnings are "false positive". I.e. it detects something but it's not a virus.
What it detects is the optional toolbar that is included called Relevant Knowledge. When installing Emoinstaller you have the choice of installing this product, or skipping it entirely. The program will install fine either way.

We found, Emoinstaller a useful application. Currently the program does NOT work together with Chit Chat for Facebook. This feature is something the makers are considering for future versions however.

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