Facebook personalities women Hate

Having a heightened awareness about almost anything, it’s not surprising that 85% Of Women on Facebook Are Annoyed By Most of their Facebook Friends, informs a new survey from, Eversave, a daily deal site.

But what is interesting is to know about the Facebook personalities (a person behaving in a particular manner) that annoy women the most. The type can be a revelation OR a thing a common knowledge to the reader, depending on how well he/she knows "women"

Below are the Facebook personalities in their friend list that women on Facebook hate the most:

• Personality One: Complaining all the time (63 percent)

• Personality Two: Sharing unsolicited political views (42 percent)

• Personality Three: Bragging about seemingly perfect lives (32 percent)

• Personality Four: Always eager to post updates about their precious kids (16 percent)

In case the above, were a revelation to you, then, now you know exactly which Facebook personalities not to emulate if you want to have good rapport with women on Facebook. A Lesson particularly important for online marketers and simple 'men'. --------

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