Firefox 4 surpasses Internet Explorer 9 in just One day of its launch

According to StatCounter, the free website analytics company, Mozilla Firefox 4, which was launched yesterday (Tuesday 22nd March), has already taken 1.95% of the worldwide Internet browser market.

In comparison, Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 which was launched more than a week ago, had managed to had to take just 0.87% of the worldwide market.

According to Statcounter, one of the primary reasons for Firefox4 eclipsing the launch of IE 9, is IE9’s lack of compatibility with Windows XP ( 40-50 percent of all PCs still running Windows XP).

Taking all versions of each browser into account, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still leads the global market. Here are the market shares each browser commands globally:

Internet Explorer_________ 45%
Firefox_________________ 30%

US market standings, for all versions taken into account:

Chrome____ 14%

Statcounter notes that, there's a steady decline in the IE global market share from 55% in February last year to 45% this year. In the same time frame Google's Chrome has risen steadily from 7% worldwide to 17%. Only recently, Firefox overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to become the number one browser in Europe for the first time in December 2010. --------

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