How a Top Snow Boarder's Body Behaves sliding down a Slope?

If you are a regular to this blog, then you would be already aware that, mobile phone maker Nokia is running project to encourage snow boarding as a sport. I recent times its is researching Kinesthetic awareness (the ability of human body to be aware of its parts while in motion), effect of adrenaline rush on the body, the relevance of fear for top snow boarders etc.

In this recent video as part of the said project, the viewer is given a glimpse of what happens inside a top snowboarder when he/she is on the move. Just concentrate on the vertical bar at the Left hand side of the video screen; it's showing the variations in Speed, Heart Beat, Adrenaline Rush (adrenaline also called fear or fright hormone, is secreted by the body, in more quantities when the body encounters some fear or fright; the objective of this secretion is to prepare body to counter the threat, Orientation (this actually is measuring the boarder's Kinesthetic awareness) and Blood Pressure. Check out the video, it's interesting and insightful.


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