IITian founded startup launches eLearning device for Indian students

Want to start a new company. Then take tips from these IITians.

Founded by a group of young IITians, Hyderabad-based Edutor Technologies launched Edutor Advantage e40, India's first hand-held home learning device for school students.

After a six-month pilot project, the firm, launched the device designed for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students from class 3 to class 10. Edutor Advantage e40 is a touchscreen device, preloaded with a student's class-specific, curriculum-aligned content.

Designed to fully engage students, with highly intuitive and interactive touch-screen interface and multi-media content, the device helps students grasp concepts and remember them far more effectively.

The basic principle applied while developing the content for the new device is a research that shows that when multiple senses such as sight, sound and touch are used simultaneously to learn, there is a significant boost in understanding and memory; in short learning is rewarding when it follows the multi-sensory learning principle, says Ram, an IITians who spent the last 15 years in the US, working in tech firms.

To make learning more rewarding, the device also offers self-assessment with its practice tests and questions for every topic. In line with CBSE's new Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) initiative; the device is designed to give students a measurable home learning advantage. As brief snippets of information are found to enhance learning, hence Edutor Advantage e40 provides brief snippets about extra-curricular activities like basics of cricket, yoga, karate, spoken English content and Wikipedia topics.

Speaking Business:

Apart from having the backing of CBSE, country’s premier school education board, which means Edutor technologies will have a big market at its disposal (India has 75,000 CBSE schools. Hyderabad alone, where the company is based has 200,000 CBSE students. According to Ram Gollamudi, CEO of Edutor Technologies, the firm planned to sell 30,000 to 40,000 devices in the next 18 months); the IITian tag will be going to work in company’s advantage too.

Here, it’s important to mention iBerry, a similar Noida based e-learning service targeting school students. The service streams in-house developed multimedia content to Blackberry devices. Just like Edutor  Advantage e40, it has its own device too. But comparing the two start-ups only on the price point then, Edutor seems to be better priced. As unlike iBerry which is charging Approx Rs 36,500 for its iBerry(includes content too), Edutor is priced at Rs.5845 with four percent taxes, plus a One-year content in the form of a chip is available at Rs.1,635. Over all e-learning with Edutor will cost a parent Rs. 7480 for first year.

Although if one compares the streaming nature of the iBerry service, where content is streamed in,via an application to a blackberry device, at any hour; then iBerry's model looks more sound.

Edutor Advantage is available in leading bookstores. To start with, Edutor Technologies has rolled out its product in Hyderabad and other parts of Andhra Pradesh. It plans to extend its reach to other southern states before targeting the market in north India. --------

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Jonathan said...

With 150 million English speakers & 700,000 Hidi Speakers Why not improve the the whole education system that must benefit the nation standards and teach with dual English & Hindi keyboards it seems that the system is very elitist why be ashamed of your own language?