A Keyboard specially designed for Facebook

Does that regular, mass manufactured QWERTY keyboard slowing down your Facebook experience? Then, you probably get yourself the S.N.A.K Facebook-optimized keyboard.

S.N.A.K is just any other social Keyboard; it’s made specially for Facebook. With 19 Facebook-specific hotkeys, the SNAK Facebook Keyboard allows you to upload photos, view your homepage, upload a video from your computer or webcam, access Facebook for Developers, access your account settings, privacy settings, most recent updates, phonebook, visit the Facebook help center etc. etc.

Are people going for S.N.A.K? ya according to Social Keyboard's CEO, the news coverage about the keyboard has actually crashed the company’s PayPal store.

Price may have played a role in the destruction, as S.N.A.K costs just $30. --------

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