Lenovo collaborates with Tobii to create World’s First Eye-Controlled Laptop

Tobii Technology, the world’s leading vendor of eye tracking and eye control technology, that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking (used mainly by companies for knowing their customer’s PC gaze better and to develop products for people with special needs; gaming, diagnostics etc) today unveiled the world’s first laptop with integrated eye control.

Still at the prototype stage, the laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of personal computers. The prototype will be shown to public at CeBIT in Hannover.

According to Tobii, Eye control – a truly natural interface. And with most computer manufacturers today trying to enhance their products by adding more and more natural interfaces, its Eye Controlled Laptop is a great step in the right direction. In addition, the use of eyes to point, select and scroll is completely intuitive and complements traditional control interfaces, such as the mouse and keyboard, in a very natural way.

In business sense, the new laptop is a monumental achievement for Tobii, as it has the potential to broaden its technogly’s reach to popular devices. Tobii which plans to make efforts towards making the technology smaller and cheaper, so that it easily becomes part of the average computer; says that the prototype is proof that their eye tracking technology is mature enough to be used in standard computer interfaces.

The Tobbi – Lenovo, combine will be preparing 20 units of the new eye controlled laptop, used evenly by the two for demo purposes.

What an average PC user can expect, the technology to do, if it reaches the normal PCs or Laptops:

The possibilities can be endless. As the technology will make using computer intelligent. Just glance at an icon or gadget and you will be furnished more info. Just make your eyes wide open and You zoom in pictures or maps. Just move your head sideways, as if you are aligning a non aligned picture or web window and you automatically center it. Just fix your gaze and some recently opened opened application will bring it at the spot you are looking at.

That apart, the computer can adjust its contrast, by looking at the state of your eyes. Like if you go out in sunlight, for a minute or too, and return indoors to your PC, with your eyes constricted, the PC will increase its contrast. Ya this will increase battery too. Another battery saving feature can be, your PC going to power saving mode, when it finds that you are not looking at the screen. --------

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