LinkedIn launches social news product -- the LinkedIn Today

Since linkedIn announced its decision to go public; many criticised the professional Social network for having very small avenues to make money. Linkedin’s own document which it submitted to Govt, towards it fulfilling conditions for a public offer, was duly dissected by media and bloggers, and those pages that stated the presence of “very small percentage of really active members” were religiously circulated.

But LinkedIn seems to have found a breakout product for the company that could become highly successful and build much increased levels of engagement and potentially even revenue. Called the LinkedIn Today, the product serves personalized news to linkedIn users, based on their field of expertise (that too with no human intervention); and makes sure users visit the site on a daily basis. The product works on an algorithm which serves personilsed news to linkedIn users, based on their field of expertise, professional field. Users can follow news publications/blogs or industries. Their contacts and connections also help determine what items gets surfaced on the site.

This social news product can be a real winner for LinkedIn, as it seems to be the next logical step for it. In addition it has the advantage of brand recognition, which many of its competiots with similar products lack.


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