Mobile operator in India with most unsatisfied customers

Since Mobile Number Portability is launched in the country, all mobile operators are showing aggressive ads to demean the rivals “calling their services ineffective, shady, money grabbing that leave hoards of unsatisfied subscribers” and aimed at snatching those unsatisfied subscribers from them.

Such is the mayhem of all these ads that it’s impossible for a customer to know who is telling the truth and who is saying a blatant lie.

Thankfully, the data from country’s telecom watchdog, TRAI, can come at rescue for the customer made very confused by all this “Ditch your subscriber for me” non-sense.

According to TRAI, it is no other but, India's leading and the world's fifth largest telco, Bharti Airtel, that has the largest number of unsatisfied customers at present.

Regarding the nature of these complaints, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), says that it is receiving complaints against mobile operators on issues related to service, billing, metering, tariff and activation of chargeable value added services without explicit consent of the customer.

Here is the number of complaints received by TRAI against different operators from their customers since 2008-09:

Vodafone Essar_______ 1,890
Reliance Communications_______2,100
Tata Docomo____________1,239
Idea Cellular____________ 925

To defend itself, Airtel said that the number of complaints received is 0.0025% of active subscribers. And with growing subscribers, the rate is declining. As of January 2011, Bharti Airtel has more than 155 million customers in India, the largest, followed by RCOM with more than 128 million and Vodafone Essar with more than 127 million customers, Trai reported last week. --------

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