Samsung Unveils a Transparent TV that uses Zero Energy

Samsung has just unwrapped an amazing new solar-powered LCD television that can run completely free from the power supplied via the power grid or any other form.

Still at prototype stage, the 46″ TV, shown at CeBit in Germany, has inbuilt solar panels that produce energy from the ambient light in a room (ya you don’t have to put the TV out in the Sun). The fact that it is made to use very little energy, hence no additional power sources are required.

That apeart, the thin TV screen can display is transparent (Another major breakthrough). That is images and information are displayed while allowing objects behind it to be visible.

The company may be wishing to put the amazing TV to applications ranging from car windshield HUDs to storefront displays and digital window blinds. Like in digital windows Blind, that may be separating two adjacent office cubicles; the screen may become transparent only when the two people look at the screen at the same time; in that case the technology may be infering that the two people want to talk.


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