Scammers use Charlie Sheen and sex to run recent Facebook Scam

How can it be that, the web is buzzing about something and scammers don’t take notice and act on it.

Scammers are quick to notice the increased people interest in “Two and a half men” star actor Charlie Sheen in recent days, that’s why they are already using him as a lure for the latest Facebook scam.

The Facebook users who have become hyper eager about Charlie Sheen of late are typically being exposed to the scam via messages promising links to a supposed homemade sex tape featuring Sheen and supposedly released by his ex-wife. Facebook users get lured to this bait, assuming the link is talking about Sheen's live-in girlfriends Bree Olson or Natalie Kenly.

In reality, once a Facebook user click on the link, he/she is directed to a video player that resembles YouTube, before being exposed to a survey scam popup. But as happens with most of these scams,in the end, the voyeuristic Facebook user doesn’t get what he/she is promised in the beginning.

Instead, the video the user is sent to is a spoof from that makes fun of Sheen by dubbing his voice over a fake sex video tag.

So beware of this or any other Facebook scam. --------

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