A Technology to Control Devices with the Tap of an Arm

NEC Corporation Japan, a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world , has announced the development of technologies that enable users to control consumer electronics with the tap of an arm.

The said technologies consist of compact acceleration sensors that are worn on each wrist and enable users' arms to function as virtual control panels. When a user taps an arm, the sensors determine which area of the arm received contact (the technology maps the surface of the arm and assign controls to particular area). These areas are separated into 7 sections(consisting of the upper, middle and lower sections of each arm as well as clapping the palms of both hands together) that each correspond to a virtual input switch that can be used to operate an electronic device.

Making the operability user friendly, the simple control gestures are assigned to a particular area taking into consideration the usual gesture humans have in a particular frame of mind. Like Clenching one’s fists tightly, while jogging, can increase the tempo of the song that is playing in the headphone connected music device. Making the control gestures easy to remember makes them nearly free from input errors as well.

Where the technology are supposed to find use:

The technologies that enable a user to operate devices through natural motions, can be used in music players that can be easily operated while exercising and mobile phones that may be operated remotely while stored in a bag. --------

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