Top earning Celebrities and the money they earned in 2010

Keeping in mind that technology, aka social netwroks, blogs/websites played a vital role in making the world more informed about these top earning celebrities and their shows and movies in 2010; Below are the top Celebrity earners of 2010.

The list compiled by Parade magazine breaking down the stars' 2010 salaries for their 28th annual "What People Earn" issue; keeps Oprah Winfrey the owner of OWN or the Oprah Winfrey Network on the Top.

Have a look at the Top earning celebrities for 2010 and their earnings:

1) Oprah Winfrey__________$315M
2) Late Michael Jackson____$275M
3) Rock group AC/DC______$114M
4) Johnny Depp___________$100M
5) Beyonce_______________$87M
6) Jay-Z_________________$63M
7) Lady Gaga_____________$62M
8) Sandra Bullock__________$56M
9) Ellen DeGeneres________$55M
10) Ryan Seacrest__________$51M
11) Donald Trump___________$50M
12) Kristen Stewart__________$28.5M
13) Leonardo DiCaprio_______$28M
14) Robert Pattison__________$27.5M
15) Daniel Radcliffe__________$25M
16) Chelsea Handler__________$19M

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