A Tweet that cost him his job

After reading this story, no one should complain the effectiveness of 140 character musings on Twitter.

A Tweet with the f-word, appeared in the automaker Chrysler's US Twitter account, known as @ChryslerAutos, last Wednesday. The said tweet was not posted by a direct Chrysler employee, but by an independent media company, the New Media Strategies, employee that handles the account on behalf of the auto maker. Although the media company is responsible for the account, the said account is used by Chrysler employees as well.

The person responsible for the offensive tweet used to tweet on Chrysler’s behalf multiple times a day. Call it a human folly, where the employee got his/her personal account mixed up; the person accidentally posted the tweet on the Chrysler page.

Although the Tweet was quickly removed, but it appeared that it had already caused the expected harm. The Tweet, which went to its 8000 followers, kept on being re-tweeted for hours since the offending Tweet was removed.

The employee has subsequently been fired. Not only this ,Chrysler, who took serious stance on this incident, has also said it won’t be renewing the contract with the media company in the future. --------

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