Viewpad 10 tries to compete with iPad2 with better specs

There is a reason why ViewSonic chose the day Apple launched its iPad 2, to show off the new features they have added to their their new Viewpad 10. And the reason , may be , is ViewSonic’s belief that its 10" Viewsonic Tablet beats iPad 2 With Better Specs.

Here are the specs:

1) Weighs in at 730 g and 14.35 mm in thickness

2) Has a 10-inch LED backlight and multi-touch screen

3) Has a dual core 1GHz processor with the powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 display engine. Claims to have "smoother web surfing experience, shorter response time, unparalleled gaming exhilaration.

4) Runs Android 2.2 or Froyo ( surprising, that it is not running the new Honeycomb or Android 3.0 OS). When most of the Apple competitors are transitioning to HoneyComb; and Apple itself upgrading to Apple iOS 4; Viewsonic’s sticking to Froyo is surprising.

5) Has HDMI 1080p output

6) Has flash 10.1 capability

7) Has USB and Micro SD card and SIM card capability, which Apple iPad2 lack.

8) Has 3D speakers and provides a full spectrum of multimedia features.

9) Has a 1.3 mega-pixel front camera (Apple iPad 2 has rear camera for recording videos too. But a rear camera in a tablet size device seems unnecessary as, who will use a tablet to shoot. Looks bit odd).

10) Has long battery life

11) Has Wi-Fi connectivity

12) Supporting high resolution audiovisual entertainment, the tablet has access to a wide suite of audiovisual media files, internet TV and broadcast programs.

13) Has access to 200,000 apps through Android's marketplace

14) In addition, has access to Google Maps, Voice Search, Gmail, Youtube and other social communication tools and mobile office software.

Price: $599 --------

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