Want a Fake Girlfriend on Facebook? Yes you can

Want a Fake Girlfriend on Facebook?
Fake Girlfriend on Facebook ?! Want to show off? Yes.

Then, for an as-of-yet undisclosed fee, Cloud Girlfriend, a service, can come to your help.

Cloud Girlfriend will provide you a Fake Girlfriend; who always wanted to show off as your Real Girlfriend on Facebook; but never had the luck to find one in the first place.

Further, don't confuse the Fake Girlfriend with a Virtual Girlfriend. Cloud Girlfriend, will provide a real female to act as your girlfriend for the purposes of Facebook updates.

Isn’t it cool? Not so cool, if one compares this Fake girl friend with a real girlfriend.

The extent of the services of this real girl - but fake girlfriend -- will end right at Facebook updates i.e. nothing beyond that; not even amorous pics or 'hot chat’. Really? Yes. But it was obvious.

But still a big solace for all those who hadn’t had much luck in this area for eternity.

To get a fake girlfriend, from Cloud Girlfriend, and start showing off, all one has to do is:

Step 1: Define his perfect girlfriend.
Step 2: A real girl with the guy's definition of 'Perfect Girlfriend' is brought in.
Step 3: Just Connect and interact with her publicly on your favorite social network

But before running to get yourself a fake girlfriend, prepare yourself for some unsavory situations too. Get a response ready, in case this Fake Girlfriend ditches you, which will mean not renewing the service, and the fake girlfriend will be gone; OR you suddenly arise a desire of getting another fake girl friend and get the two fight over you ‘facebookly’ on Facebook ; then in such a case be prepared to spend more money. And last but not the least; don’t feel like a loser if this girlfriend vanishes for no particular reason. Consider this as a side effect of 'Girlfriending'; which all have to cope with. --------

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