Why Shakespeare wept inexplicably, Somewhere in 1596?

When he heard that -- LOL, OMG and FYI have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Yes, LOL, OMG and FYI have been added to the online Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in its latest revision.

And gave rise to a lot of hue and cry in the Twittersphere; when someone musigly said:

'Somewhere in 1596, Shakespeare begins to weep inexplicably,' and is retweeted most of times.

Such was the disdain in the microblogging site, that a user even suggested OED to include 'Belieber' - a fan ofJustin Bieber – in its, well next update. The sorrow of the language lovers is understandable; bu they should cool down, after all – any language is an ever evolving entity.

Other new additions in the OED, regarded as the accepted authority on the English language are:

 The 'heart' symbol -- the red strawberry shaped rendering, as in I 'heart' New York.

Wags -- A Footballing term that means Wives and Girlfriends of the footballers. Now the acronym has crossed over to other sports too


Muffin top -- A roll of flesh which hangs visibly over a person’s tight-fitting waistband.

Talking about the 'noteworthy initialisms' to make the cut, the OED's Graeme Diamond states that, “Some of these - such as OMG ("Oh my God" or sometimes "gosh", "goodness", etc) and LOL ("laughing out loud") - are strongly associated with the language of electronic communications (email, texting, social networks, blogs and so on). Same is the case for IMHO ("in my humble opinion"), TMI ("too much information") and BFF ("best friends forever").Although he is quick to underline that intialisms like OMG and LOL are found outside of electronic contexts too, like in print, and even in spoken use, where they mean a bit more than simple abbreviation going on. --------

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