5 NJ schools get Facebook grant totaling $1 million

True to his word, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has given 5 new high schools in New Jersey’s Newark a Facebook grant totaling nearly $1 million from last fall's $100 million donation made by him.

This is what each school received:

BARD High School Early College Newark___________$175,000
Sakia Gunn High School for Civic Engagement_____$175,000
Newark Leadership Academy_______________________$125,000
Newark BRIDGES High School______________________$125,000
Newark S.T.E.A.M. Academy_______________________$125,000

The five schools received an additional Facebook grant of $50,000 each to help them open in the fall.

The schools have raised a total of $44 million from other generous donors like Zukerberg. Notably, Zukerberg foundation has not donated money just for the sake of donating; the project already has spent $1 million to survey residents on what school improvements are needed. --------

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