Apple announces the numbers for Jan-Mar 2011 quarter

Apple has disclosed its numbers for the first quarter of this year, January-March 2011, here is the brief summary,

Q1 2011 profit __________$5.99bn

Notably, this is almost double of what it made in the same quarter last year, i.e. Q1 2010. In Jan-Mar 2010, Apple made a profit of $3.07bn. Sales and profits in the quarter are helped, after Verizon Wireless, America's second-biggest phone company, began selling the iPhone in February.

Q1 2011 revenue________ $24.7bn

This is 83pc more than the same quarter last year. In addition, this time around almost 60pc of these are coming from outside the US.

Notably, Customers snapped up 18.7m of them in the quarter, eclipsing the 16.3m expected by those on Wall Street who track the company.

However, Apple's forecast for the current quarter of $23bn in sales and profits of $5.03 a share came in below analysts' expectations.

One area which has not performed according to the analyst expectations is the number of iPads sold. In the quarter under scrutiny, Apple sold 4.69m iPads compared with the 6.1m predicted by analysts. But analysts are not taking this too negatively; terming the low sales to the global supply chain in Japan, as well as the introduction of the iPad2.

The number of sales in the quarter for other iOS products are like this:

1) 3.8m Macs, an increase of 28pc on last year
2) 9.02m iPods, a decline of 17pc compared on same quarter last year --------

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