Battlefield 3 Facebook page closing towards One million Likes

The official Battlefield 3 Facebook page, has some luring content for gaming enthusiasts, that’s why the page has already raked in 8,52,429 ‘Likes’. Motivated by the pace at which the page is inching towards 1 million ‘likes’ milestone; the makers have announced that a bonus video/trailer of the upcoming game will be unlocked complete with producer’s commentary, once the page gets 1 million Likes. From the current pace, we expect it get the milestone on 21 or 22 April.

The new Battlefield 3 game has been developed by DICE (EA Digital Illusions CE), a wing of EA who are incidentally publishing and help market the game.

A trailer has already been unlocked and is available to view below:

Battlefield 3 is expected to start selling not earlier than November 2nd 2011.

When adequately backed by enticing content, a marketer can create much buzz about his/her product via social media/Facebook campaigns. --------

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