Droid Incredible 2 to have a GSM slot

The world of phones is quite ironic – Those who have CDMA want GSM and vice versa.

So whether a maker launches a new CDMA phone or provides a GSM slot in existing CDMA phone, the news is hailed by an equal number of phone users.

According to the phone rumors, which emanated out of some internal Verizon documents which Android Central managed to have its hands on, a new Verizon phone will have a GSM slot. According to the documents, the upcoming Droid Incredible 2 (a version of the HTC Desire 2 adapted for US market) will be a “world phone”, which here means that it’ll have a GSM slot. Desire 2 was announced at this year MWC, Verizon has yet to announce Droid Incredible 2.

The GSM slot will allow Americans to use their phone aboard, by inserting a foreign SIM card. Notably, all AT&T and T-Mobile phones provide GSM slots.

Regarding the specs, the leaked document discloses the Droid Incredible 2 to have:

-- New 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chat.

-- come with 16GB memory card.

-- DLNA wireless media sharing (means the phone will be able to share data between other DLNA certified devices in a user’s home or office).

-- New “Sync & Connect” feature

-- 3G mobile hotspot extra for $20/month with 20GB. Android Central suspects this and considers it a mis-typing, and it will actually be 2GB for $20/month. --------

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