Facebook App to Help Students find money for college education

Arranging money for college education is a real worry for students in US. Reports suggest that due to the unfriendly nature of the procedures involved in getting money for college; a substantial section of US students don’t even apply for the money the US Government earmarks each year towards this. According to studies, more than 2 million college students in US don’t apply for any of the nearly $70 billion financial aid that the federal government distributes each year, and that nearly two-thirds of students find it difficult to apply for financial aid.

Taking cognizance of this reality, the Clinton Global Initiative University + MTV + the College Board + the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, combine has started an initiative to use a social media tool to help students find money for college.

A Facebook app, created to make the process of finding and getting financial aid for college education easy, by helping students with the search for financial aid right from Facebook, will be launched later this year. The app will draw on information from a user’s Facebook profile to automatically produce a customized list of relevant financial aid opportunities – grants, scholarships and loans. The app will also enable users to tap their Facebook friends for assistance, and will provide tutorials on things like filling out financial aid paperwork and deciding how much debt to assume.

The concept for the Facebook app for financial aid for college, is a brainchild of Devin Valencia, a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. --------

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