Facebook Comments Plugin put to 50,000 more Sites in just over 30 days

At the start of march 2011, Facebook had launched its new and improved comments plugin for websites.

The new improved Facebook plugin which was designed to reflect the visitor’s Facebook social graph; and improved moderation tools, the ability to add different log-in options for the website admins is being received quite enthusiastically by websites.

According to a Facebook representative, in little over a month, more than 50,000 websites have added the updated Facebook Comments Box plugin.

Upbeat by this feat, Facebook has launched some updates to the plugin. The new features designed to “enhance the experience for both website owners and users” include a permalink to specific stories (users can reach specific comments by clicking on the timestamp, very similar to accessing status updates on Facebook itself. Notifications are also linked to the permalink), an API to pull comments (means comments can be searched and exported), Bigger News Feed stories, a new color scheme option aimed at dark-colored sites, and the addition of Hotmail as a login option.

API pt to comments can be an asset to the website admins/owners, who can “highlight the most interesting comments, perform analysis on the comment stream, reward top commenters, search through existing comments, and use comments to improve SEO on their site,” underlines Facebook.

Bigger News Feed stories generated by Comments complemented by enhanced use of social graph means that it can increase the click-through-rate (CTR) back to the original site and encourage people on Facebook to contribute to the discussion,” Facebook adds. --------

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