Indian Gen Y deprived of its holidays annually

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, seems to be applying to India’s Generation Y (those who are born after mid 1970s) or Generation Next, which emerged as the fourth most vacation deprived lot in the world.

According to a recent survey, by Expedia amongst the service class professionals at managerial levels and above in 11 countries in December 2010 with over 1000 respondents per country, India’s Generation Y is able to take an average of only 22 leave days annually (survey conducted in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore). However what is more alarming is that 35 per cent of those surveyed were not able to take more than 15 days of annual leave in a year. The vacation deprivation of the Indians is hurting more as 50 per cent of them are checking their official e-mails and messages during vacation.

What are the reasons?

1) More than 22 per cent of the Indians found non-supportive bosses the reason why they can’t take all of their annual leaves. Notably, Indians are entitled to 26 annual leaves.

2) Over 18 per cent Indians (Indians who are more inclined to have holidays with their families) did not avail all their leaves as their spouse or children were not getting leave at the same time.

But thankfully, there are more deprived lots than India’s, to take some solace from.

The survey found that, Japan is the most vacation deprived nations followed by USA (14 days) and Australia (16.5 days). Japan where employees have an average 16.5 days annual leaves; are able to take only nine days of their entitled annual leave days. And this is true for 94 per cent of the Japanese on job.

On the other end of the spectrum, the study found France as the world's most holiday-rich nation, where an average employee gets 37.5 annual leave days per year; and manages to take 34.5 of those days. Following France are Spain (28.5 days), Denmark and Italy (26.5 days), Norway (26), Sweden and Britain (25 days). --------

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