Number of Apple iOS device sales world-wide in year ending march 31 2011

Apple has sued the rival Samsung Electronics, claiming that it has copied the design of Apple’s key products iPhone and iPad.

Calling the act as blatant copying, the US tech giant's case, filed at a US court, focuses on the South Korean firm's line of Galaxy mobile phones and tablets.

Among things Apple is unhappy about include Samsung's design features, such as the look of its screen icons.

Over all Apple has brought 16 claims against Samsung which include unjust enrichment, trademark infringement and 10 other patent claims.

In the papers filed in court on Wednesday, Apple, gave a count of the iOS devices it has sold so far this year.

As of March 2011, Apple has sold more than 108 million iPhones worldwide.

That apart the company sold 60M iPod touch, and 19M iPads. Taking the total iOS devices sold, including the AppleTVs, to close to 200 million.

Looking deeper, in the most recent quarter, Jan-Mar 2011, Apple sold 18.1 million iPhones; and in the three quarters prior, 89.9 million iPhones. Taking the total to 108 million as of 31 march 2011.

The papers put iPod touch sales at 55.5 million, a difference of 4.5 million units.

iPad sales before Q1 were 14.7 million; which means that 4.2 million iPads were sold in the quarter ending March 31, 2011. Which is at least 2.8 million less than what Analysts have expected (they were vouching for 7 million units). --------

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