TweetBot --Twitter mobile client for iPhone that’s different

Twitter is a service that appears to be made for mobiles. But the quality of twitter mobile clients has remained insufficient – lacking in a menu here, a shortcut access there. That doesn’t let a user have the perfect experience.

But TweetBot, a Twitter client for iPhone, released by Tapbots, is trying to fulfill the insufficiency and promising a full user experience.

Being a full-featured iPhone Twitter client. the app offers all of the standard features of a Twitter client like uploading media, support for multiple accounts, saving drafts, sending and links to instapaper ; peppered by meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures etc.

But what makes TweetBot stand apart from the crowd are the handy features, aimed at making user’s esperience intuitive and easy to use; something unavailable on other apps. Here are they:

1) The user just has to press down on a tweet to access a menu populated with useful links like posting a link to it, copying it, emailing it, or translating it.

2) Just tap and hold on an avatar or name, and the user gets a menu of features ranging from the ability to add them to a List, send a DM, follow or unfollow, or report as spam.

3) Most interesting feature is the ability to swipe right to view a Twitter conversation OR swipe left to view related tweets.

4) TweetBot, also features a hot key feature where users can swap the two right buttons for different functions like viewing a list, search, or retweets.

Tweetbot for iPhone is available in the App Store for iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4.1 or later at a price of $1.99. --------

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