Twitter users are alright with 'Damn Japan'

We often hear celebrities saying that their particular tweet was taken wrongly. A recent trending topic on twitter proves that, such 'post-tweet celebrity complaining' is just fake; the celebrities intentionally make offending tweets to gain publicity.

So when the Twitterverse says the tweet was negative, in most cases it was.

This is proved by “Damn Japan” phrase that became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter in just a few minutes of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hitting Japan again yesterday, almost one month after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami devastated the northeastern coast of Japan.

Although there have been hundreds of aftershocks in the region since the March 11 quake, but yesterday's has by far the strongest intensity. Notably none in between surpassed 7.0 magnitude.

Now, irrespective of how negative the words in the trending topic sound, most Twitter users have not treated it negatively and when one looks at most tweets under the trending topic, they are are along the lines of: “Damn another earthquake and tsunami warning in Japan? :(”

This should prove as a reminder to Celebrities that the common Joe down there si not that moron as they believe him to be. He knows to read hidden intentions well. --------

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