3G connections in India as of now

There are 9 million or 90 Lakh 3G connections in India as of now. Interestingly this number is very close to the 11 million or 1 crore 10 lakh broadband connections in the country.

This news is not that surprising if one sees the mobile penetration in the country; that compelled many services like Airtel’s buddy Finder to use SMS as their medium of delivery.

So far, Bharti Airtel is leading the group with 3 million (or 30 lakh) or 33% of the total 3G connections. DoCoMo has 1.5 million (or 15 lakh or around 17 percent of all 3G subscribers) users. Idea, Vodafone and BSNL have 1 million each. Reliance has close to million too.

Notably, the 9 million number is reached, courtesy marketing, despite problems like dropped calls, poor speeds and erratic connectivity. The user patience is still under cap as they are considering the phase as the initial hiccups. Thses 9 million subscribers whould be commended when 3G data plan costs are astronomical -- Rs. 15 (US$0.33) charged for every megabyte of data. --------

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