Blackberry tablets sold in first month of launch

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has sold about 250,000 Playbook tablets in the first month after its launch. Launched on April 19, the PlayBook, that is the name of the RIM’s tablet failed to make an initial impact, as critics described it as a hurriedly rolled out product by RIM, which is not fully built, in an attempt not to leave ground to Apple's iPad.

But according to RBC Capital Markets - an investment bank of the top Royal Bank of Canada - the PlayBook is on target to meet its sale target of half a million by the end of the current quarter.

How it compares with Apple iPad and other players:

Apple sold 4.69 million units in its last quarter. But according to the RBC report the BlackBerry tablet was selling much better than Motorola's Xoom tablet which runs Android; and the recall of about 1,000 PlayBooks has reportedly not impacted its sales.

Analysts had initially predicted RIM to sell about 3.9 million PlayBooks in a tablet market in its first year. The tablet market is estimated to reach 70 million units this year. New projections see RIM to sell about 500,000 or half a million tablets in the current quarter, and only about two million in the first year of its launch. In comparison, Apple had sold over 15 million units of its first generation last year. Notably, iPad is expected to do even better than iPad1. --------

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