How to retain and increase your Facebook Fans?

One of the most important aspect of marketing on Facebook is to implement a strategy to
retain and increase your Facebook fans by rewarding them with valuable offers and information
to keep them engaged.

Following are some of the tips you need to follow to keep your fans happy and loyal to your business or brand:-

1) Provide valuable content, exclusive deals and discounts

Offering specials deals and discounts via your Facebook fan page is one of the most effective
way to keep your fans satisfied and stay loyal to your brand. You can also run contests and quizzes
related to your products or services and the winner gets a special prize.

2) Encourage fans to support charities

You can encourage your fans to donate to their favorite local or national charities. This will
establish your business's reputation as a philanthropic company who cares about its customers
and the community in general.

3) Show that you are open to feedback and criticism

You should show to your fans that you are listening to them whether its a positive or a negative
feedback. Respond to their comments and suggestions. If its a good suggestiont then try to
implement it.

4) Reward most influential fans

The idea is simple just like a company rewards their best employee as "Employee of the Month", you can reward your most influential fan as "Fan of the Month" and provide them special gifts or
coupons. This will encourage other fans to participate enthusiastically in promoting your
brand to their network of friends on Facebook. --------

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