Internet speeds in India declining for the sake of coverage

According to Akamai’s report on the ‘State of the Internet’, Among the 12 Asian countries, India is the only one that suffered a fall in Internet speed. In short, India chose to sacfrifice internet speed for increasing the coverage of the services.

While most countries have been experiencing a rise in average Internet speed, courtesy new technologies, India suffered a 9.1 percent decline in average Internet connection speed in 2010, bringing it down to 0.8mbps. Notably, according to the report, the average Internet speed in the world was at 1.9mbps and India ranked at 143 in the list.

Te report further informs that over 35 percent of Internet connections in India had a speed of 256 kbps or less; and only 0.4 percent were measured to have a speed in excess of 5 Mbps (High Broadbands).

To add salt to the wound, the fastest Internet connections in the world are ironically located in Asia as well. South Korea places first with an average connection speed of 13.7 Mbps and Hong Kong comes in second with 9.4 Mbps followed by Japan with 8.3 Mbps. Connection that cross the 5 Mbps threshold are called ‘high broadband’. --------

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