It is NOT easy to be the Other Mark Zukerberg

Is it easy being Mark Zuckerberg? Not referring to the founder of Facebook – but a bankruptcy attorney in Indianapolis named Mark S. Zuckerberg!

If the online obstacles this attorney had to go through for having the same name as that of Facebook founder, over the last seven years are accounted for; then being the other Mark Zukerberg is clearly not a cake walk.

Over the last seven years, mark Zukerberg, the Attorney has been overshadowed by the founder of Facebook. His name no longer comes up in Google searches. And most recently, Facebook removed his profile, claiming false identity.

Although, Facebook eventually realized its mistake and promised to reinstate the profile soon, but it's just one of the many hassles this alt-Zuckerberg has to face. He was originally denied a Facebook account two years ago, and had to prove his identity by sending his driver's license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association license -- reportedly a four-month process, reports Techland.

But the attorney is not all too disappointed for being Mark Zukerberg -- for the simple reason that no publicity is a bad publicity. The attorney’s website suggests that he knows that already. With the reports of all the troubles he has to face this other Zukerberg can now capitalize off the name. --------

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