Samsung hits at Apple with "show me your unannounced products"

The ongoing war between Apple and Samsung, about who stole whose patents, has turned bitter.

Firing back at Apple’s demand of "expedited discovery" of the South Korean electronics maker's announced but unreleased products, courtesy a San Jose Federal Court judge’s Tuesday ruling in favor of Apple, ordering Samsung to provide prototypes of its devices within 30 days; Samsung has brought in a similar motion that would require Apple to turn over advance copies of the "final, commercial versions" of the its unannounced next-generation iPhone and iPad by June 13, 2011, says Apple Insider.

What distinguishes the Samsung demand from Apple’s, is that while Apple has demanded just the expedited discovery of Samsung’s ‘announced but not released’ products; Samsung has demanded to see the “unannounced products” as well. Thus Samsung is asking Apple to let it see "a sample of the final, commercial version of the next generation iPhone that Apple will releases, whether that product will be known as the "iPhone 4S." iPhone 5," or some other name," along with a sample of the next-generation iPad.

Apple in contrast has limited its “show me” demand to provide product samples for the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, and 4G LTE Droid Charge.

Both the companies however, will have a look at other’s products via an outside counsel only; that is not some in-house legal team or engineering staff.

Samsung has put 'fundamental fairness' as the reason behind its extensive demand; underlining that Apple has a policy of not announcing its upcoming products till the very launch and it often discontinues its previous products after launching a newer version. hence if it has to prepare a sound case against the iPhone maker then it needs that much information. --------

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