Share of Free Games with in-App Purchases Of all App Store Game Downloads

According to a study by Mobile industry intelligence firm Xyologic, nearly 40 percent of game downloads from Apple's App Store are free titles with in-app purchases. In this free-to-play model, users make in-app purchases with real money, to buy items or features that enhance their gaming experience.

The study found that there were approximately 100 million downloads of free iPhone games in March, which meant that 80.8 percent of all apps downloaded in the App Store were free.

Over 8,000 iPhone apps offer in-app purchases in the App Store in the U.S., and roughly a quarter of these are free to download. The study also found that 4 percent of iPhone games account for 40 percent of all downloads.

Looking at the top 150 free games in the App Store, the study noted that 94 of these games, or 63 percent, are games with in-app purchases. --------

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