Software piracy in India Declines, At $2.7 bn in 2010

While there has been an increase in the global rate of software piracy, India has shown a marginal decline in the same for the year 2010.

The commercial value of software piracy grew by 14 per cent globally last year to a record total of USD 58.8 billion. However, in India, it declined to 64 per cent from 65 per cent in 2009, according to the 2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study.

BSA estimates show that the commercial value of unlicensed software installed on personal computers in India touched USD 2.739 billion in 2010, whereas the globally it stood at USD 59 billion.

The country which has the piracy rate in the world is Georgia, Georgia, a country disintegrated from former USSR, has a piracy rate of 93 per cent (93 out of 100 software being used in the country are pirated), while the lowest was observed in the US, Japan and Luxembourg at 20 per cent.

Among its neighbors, India appears clean. The piracy rate in India’s neighboring countries is higher -- Bangladesh (90 per cent), Sri Lanka (86 per cent) and Pakistan (84 per cent).

Although the study doesn’t reveal the break-up of the market segments accounting for the most piracy, most of the losses to industry from piracy are due to the illegitimate use of software by business houses.

Overall India has fared well in the area of Piracy (how much it’s because of Government initiative and how much it’s because of end user awareness, can’t be said). India's piracy rate has dropped from 75 percent in the year 2004, to 65 percent in 2010.

The study has said that the efforts from the Government side are positive – when one considers highly populous country’s overburdened courts, and piracy supporting a large number of people in the unorganized sector. --------

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