Zapak launches its first Facebook based game -- Zapak Tambola

Tambola or Hauzi or Bingo is quite popular with urban middle class populace of India, that’s why when, India’s leading online gaming portal (which already had a Facebook app), wanted to launch its first Facebook-based game, it can’t be anything but “Zapak Tambola“.

Not to mention, the game is based on the traditional Tambola, is cleverly designed to take advantage of all the social features of Facebook. This means a Facebook user can invite his/her facebook friends, chat with them, send virtual gifts and earn virtual money and experience points.

How to play Zapak Tambola:

First is the usual “accepting the required permissions for the game”. Once done, you will play a tutorial, an as a reward will get some virtual currency. This virtual currency can be used to buy tambola tickets to start playing. BTW, the virtual currency can be spend on other virtual goodies too.

Just like any other game that involves money, no matter virtual, in case a user runs out of virtual cash, he/she has multiple payment options at his/her disposal like SMS, credit card, a netbanking account and Zong (virtual currency with integration to Facebook Credits coming soon).

Giving a player ample excuses to spend money, the game allows a player customize his/her avatar with different costumes, modify her gender, hair, face and skin color, and share it on your Facebook profile.

Last but not the least there is a scoreboard which displays the highest scorer daily, weekly, monthly or all time. --------

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