Age of Empires Online: Release Date Announced!

Great news for those who are still keeping their eyes on Age of Empires Online! That’s because Gas Powered and Microsoft Games Studios has officially announced the game’s official date of launch.

Aside from this, it has also been told that the game will feature two of the greatest ancient civilizations: the Greeks and the Egyptians. But if that doesn’t seem to convince you, then how about some 40 blasting hours of gameplay for free? Seems tempting right?

But wait, there’s more - for the game will be offering a new way for its players to socially interact. Players of Age of Empires Online will also be given the opportunity to purchase a bunch of fresh and premium content packs. They can also do trade, compete, do quests and even hone their crafts! Players can also fight against other players with the game’s Player vs. Player campaign.

So if you’re already addicted to this history-based real-time strategy PC game, Age of Empires Online will be made available this August 16th! The game will be sold on all accredited retail stores worldwide.


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