Apple iPhone 3GS Price in India slashed almost Rupees 16K

Removing the price factor from the equation for prospective Apple iPhone 3GS in India, and bringing iPhone 3GS price in parity with Android devices in the country; Apple has now brought down the iPhone 3G S price to Rs. 19,990/, according to a source; something which brings it along side, several Android devices in that range (Nexus S and several other HTC/Samsung based Android devices, Nexus S price in India is also priced at Rs 19,900/ in India).

Launched in march 2010 in India, iPhone 3G S was till now priced at Rs 35,500 (16GB).

Now a drop of almost 16k is big.

According to Apple, iPhone 3G S will support iOS5 (beta 2, though not all features).

So if you are someone who is going for a phone with about 20k price tage, would you go for Android devices like Nexus S, HTC Desire or iPhone 3G S?

What iPhone 3GS running iOS5 (beta 1) means, watch the video below to find out:


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