Avatar Kinect: Release Date for Kinect Fun Labs

Great news for those who adore the brilliance of Kinect’s motion controls. That’s because Microsoft has recently announced that its Kinect Fun Labs will soon be having its new social entertainment feature – the Avatar Kinect.

This new feature will not only allow you to create your own Kinect avatar. But instead, it will let you “be the avatar” as you will have the freedom to explore your very own Kinect world. With Avatar Kinect, you will be able to socialize with your fellow Kinect friends. You can be a host and set your own talk show or you can make your friends laugh as you become a stand-up comedian in your very own comedy studio. Aside from this, your avatar will also show your current mood or facial expression.

Microsoft plans to release this feature on the Kinect Fun Labs this coming July. Want to know more? Simply scroll down for the video. (Buy an Xbox 360 with Kinect on Amazon.)


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