Battlefield Heroes: Unleashes Pirates and Superheroes!

Cartoon-styled action heroes are very in these days! And no, we’re not talking about Buzz or Woody. Instead, we’re showcasing this 2009-hit EA game called ‘Battlefield Heroes’!

So you have indeed heard of it, right? Well, if you do, then you already know that it’s fun, unique and cool. But there’s a cooler part of it though, and that’s the fact that the game has now been packed with pirates and superheroes!

With Battlefield Heroes, you can suit up and play as Captain Royal or his arch nemesis Metallo. You can also choose to buy that Buccaneer Set from Blackbeard or gear up with Jack’s Swashbuckler Set with pistols.

All of these are part of the game’s Summer of Heroes and can now be availed at the BF Store. Just don’t forget to get in the game first before these hot deals will go off the show.


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