BBC developing Universal Control API

At Open Mobile Summit, BBC research engineer Matt Hammond revealed that they are developing a Universal Control API (Application Programming Interface), which aims to create a user interface standard for the integration of cross-platform devices. In simple the API, which is still at prototype stage, will be to manage interactive dual- and multi-screen media content; a co-ordinated interaction between TV, web content and home devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, allowing for audience interaction with live events.

Hammond further revealed that BBC engineers are working with the Autumn Watch programme to develop a complementary interactive tablet experience. This could, for example, serve information that changes depending on what point the viewer is at in a TV programme.

BBC feels that the new technology could create new interactive capabilities, including social media interactions and content migration between TV and mobile devices. To understand content migration better, one can consider a situation, where a user starts watching a progamme on his/her mobile; but somewhere in between wishes to watch the rest on his/her TV. Courtesy content migration or resume-for-home service, the TV picks up the programme at the point it left off on mobile. --------

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