Call of Duty: Elite – Official Details Revealed!

Great news for all who are waiting for the Call of Duty: Elite! That’s because Activision has officially revealed its newest online service. But what’s more interesting is the fact that this social hub is packed with features that any avid Call of Duty player will surely love!

So what’s so special about this service? Well, it’s a multiplayer service that simply allows you to connect with your fellow Call of Duty player, co-worker, classmates and friends. You can also compete with the best COD fighters and show off your skills in tournaments and events. Aside from this, the service will also allow you to access your personal stats as you dig for more details about your weapons, maps and strategic systems.

The Call of Duty: Elite service can be used by both paying and non-paying Call of Duty players. It is non-obligatory but with exclusive features for paying subscribers. It can be accessed as an online or in-game service and can also be availed as well as a mobile app.

As of the moment, any Call of Duty: Black Ops gamer can avail the Call of Duty: Elite. The service will then be made available to the players of Modern Warfare 2 in the later weeks. As for those who are eager to join, the service will be launched later this year.

On the other hand, both Activision and Infinity Ward are currently preparing for the game’s public beta that’s due to be launched this summer.


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