Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Leaks of Maps and Combos

It may be hard to accept but we still don’t have a choice but to wait until Activision will finally allow us to get our hands on that new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. And though the game’s still settled to launch on November, some resourceful tipsters have managed to ease our anxiety with these new bunch of juicy leaks.

And from what we’ve been told, it seems that the game will be packed with 20 maps that will include the Alpha, the Alps, the Bootleg and the Bravo. Apart from this, the first-person shooter will also be set on the maps of Brooklyn, Carbon, Coast, Seatown, Exchange, Interchange, Hardhat, Lambeth, Meteora, Paris, Mogadishu, Radar, Plaza 2, Village, Underground and Dome.

It has also been leaked that the game will be featuring a new range of killstreak combos. Thus, you can choose from dropping a booby-trapped Airdrop Tap to an EMP Grenade or Escort Drop. The game will also be packed with an Ammo Resupply, a Directional UAV, a Littlebird, a Remote Mortar, a Remote Turret, a Stealth Bomber and a Specialist Strike Package.

Leaks have also told that we won’t be seeing any nukes or commandos.


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